Not seeing AARC Facebook Posts Anymore? Here’s How To Fix That

Recently, a few of our members have told us that they’re just not seeing AARC Facebook posts anymore when viewing their news feed on Facebook.

Although we’re still publishing relevant membership and industry news almost daily, Facebook’s complicated algorithm sometimes buries our updates way down in our followers’ feeds.

Here’s how to fix this in two easy steps:

Step 1: Make Sure That You “Like” Our Company Page

Go to our Facebook page. Make sure that the ‘like’ box is checked. On both desktop and mobile app, make sure the button is ‘Liked’ and the Facebook thumb is blue.

AARC Facebook Posts

Step 2: Facebook Needs to Know That You Want To See AARC Facebook Posts

On desktop, you will want to hover over the ‘Like’ box until a menu appears. Choose the ‘See First’ option from the ‘In Your News Feed’ section.

AARC Facebook Posts

Desktop View

On the mobile app, select the “Following” button and choose the “See First” option.

Facebook Mobile Step 2 AARC Facebook Posts

Mobile App View


THAT’S IT! You should now see our Facebook updates, photos, and videos first in your News Feed.

Bonus Round: Notifications

There is a bonus step for all the overachievers out there: You can also get notifications from Facebook on when we post something. To do that, simply click on the pencil next to the ‘In Your News Feed.’ Click on the notifications tab and choose what you’d like to get notified about.

Facebook Bonus Step AARC Facebook Posts