AEROTRACH PLUS® Anti-Static VHC (aVHC) is specifically designed for the delivery of Metered Dose Inhaler medications to tracheostomy patients.

The AEROTRACH PLUS® aVHC has been designed to quickly connect to typical 15mm adapters. The COMFORT RIGHT FIT™ adapter ensures a firm connection for enhanced aerosol delivery, without the need for excessive torque when connecting or disconnecting the device.

The AEROTRACH PLUS® aVHC can be used directly out-of-package without pre-treatment – saving valuable time in hospital environments. The chamber minimizes static charge, increasing the suspension time of aerosol particles to provide consistent medication delivery.

How It Works

The AEROTRACH PLUS® aVHC MDI aerosol delivery is quick and efficient with minimal discomfort for the tracheostomy patient.

How To Use

  1. Shake the inhaler and insert it into the back of the chamber.
  2. Carefully apply the chamber to the tracheostomy tube connection.
  3. Press inhaler and count for 4 to 6 breaths.


These are shortened user instructions. Always review the complete instructions packaged with the chamber.

Instructions for Use/Indications for Use