AEROBIKA® OPEP Device with Manometer Adapter

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AEROBIKA® OPEP Device with Manometer Adapter

The AEROBIKA® Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) Therapy System with the manometer adapter helps monitor expiratory pressures while providing visual feedback on exhalation.

As the user exhales, the manometer gauge will rise. For each exhalation effort, the goal is to keep the gauge within the green zone (ideally between 10-20 cm H20) to maximize treatment effectiveness. Use of the manometer adapter may help patients unfamiliar with the proper breathing technique for OPEP therapy but is also a helpful reminder for seasoned users.

The AEROBIKA® OPEP device is convenient, user-friendly and provides clinicians and their patients with a means for reliable, drug-free, natural airway clearance. It opens weak or collapsed airways by creating positive pressure and oscillations simultaneously, which helps move mucus to the upper airways where it can be coughed out.


How It Works


  1. Before Use: Airways inflamed, collapsed, and plugged with mucus.
  2. As you exhale through the device while keeping the manometer gauge in the green zone, positive pressure will hold the airways open. Think of how you feel when you blow up a balloon. It is the positive pressure that holds the balloon open. Inside your lungs, the positive pressure opens up small airways that may be blocked by mucus.
  3. As the airways open, the device switches quickly between higher and lower resistance. This may feel like vibrations or pulses which act to loosen the mucus from the walls of your lungs. The frequency of the oscillations closely match the ones within your lungs, helping move mucus to the larger airways. This makes it easier for you to cough up the secretions.
  4. With the airways opened and the mucus moved out of the airways, your inhaled medication may work better.1

How To Use

AEROBIKA® OPEP Device Manometer

  1. CLOSE LIPS around mouthpiece
  2. INHALE and HOLD for 2-3 seconds
  3. EXHALE – slowly but firmly for at least 3 to 4 seconds
  4. REPEAT and cough as directed

These are shortened user instructions. Always review the complete instructions that came with your device.

Instructions for Use/Indications for Use

For more information about therapy using the AEROBIKA® OPEP device, please click here.


At this time, the manometer accessory is only available when purchased with the AEROBIKA® OPEP device.  It cannot be purchased separately.

The manometer accessory includes a gauge which can be used to confirm proper technique for each exhalation. It provides immediate feedback by achieving a visual goal for each breath. The feedback provided can also guide a clinician or user on choosing the correct level of resistance to set to optimize therapy.

On exhalation, the manometer gauge will rise indicating the backpressure within the airways.  Users want to keep a steady exhalation effort, keeping the gauge within the desired pressure range – usually between 10-20 cm H2O, or as prescribed by their healthcare team.  The gauge provides immediate feedback to the user, helping develop proper exhalation technique. This can be valuable for new users who may be unsure of how to use the device, as well as more experienced users who may benefit from frequent adjustments in the resistance setting based on disease symptoms.

The manometer gauge is a measurement tool, which has undergone rigorous validation testing to ensure the measurements are accurate for its recommended replacement period of 6 months.

The AEROBIKA® OPEP device has also undergone rigorous testing to meet or exceed the 12 month lifespan on functionality with repeated cleanings.

No, the manometer measurement gauge cannot be submerged in water or any other liquid. Soaking or submerging may leave residues that can affect the accuracy of the pressure readings or may cause malfunction. 

The manometer gauge can be removed from the manometer adapter (which can be cleaned with the AEROBIKA® OPEP device) and the outside surface can be wiped down with isopropyl alcohol.  

If you have a question that was not answered here, please contact us.


  1. V Wolkove N, et al. CHEST 2002;121(3):702-7.



“There’s funny little ways that it’s made a difference. I was coughing so hard and there was so much pressure in my lungs that I had to sleep sitting up. It was hard to go out walking my dog for example because I was so breathless. So I really find the device helps to clear my lungs, I’ve been able to lie down at night so that just in itself it is a very good thing because it’s better rest.”


“It means better health, it means I feel better. It also helps to just clear my airways in everyday situations if I want to go out to a show which can be hard to do when you’re a cougher. I use this a lot before I go to clear my airways so I don’t have to run into that problem when I’m out.”


“The Aerobika* OPEP device has proven to be more easy [sic] to use and monitor. We struggle to get my daughter to perform her chest therapy using the traditional [competitive] device. This has proven to be more effective.”


“I have had chronic cough for 5 years now. After just two uses I slept through the night without coughing several times during the night. I normally had severe long cough spells at least once a week…”