AEROBIKA® OPEP Device with Manometer Adapter

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AEROBIKA® OPEP Device with Manometer Adapter

The AEROBIKA® Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) Therapy System with the manometer adapter helps monitor expiratory pressures while providing visual feedback on exhalation.

As the user exhales, the manometer gauge will rise. For each exhalation effort, the goal is to keep the gauge within the green zone (ideally between 10-20 cm H20) to maximize treatment effectiveness. Use of the manometer adapter may help patients unfamiliar with the proper breathing technique for OPEP therapy but is also a helpful reminder for seasoned users.

The AEROBIKA® OPEP device is convenient, user-friendly and provides clinicians and their patients with a means for reliable, drug-free, natural airway clearance. It opens weak or collapsed airways by creating positive pressure and oscillations simultaneously, which helps move mucus to the upper airways where it can be coughed out.



510(k) clearance validates that a device (or combination of two devices) is safe and effective for its intended use. This is required to ensure that performance of the nebulizer is not impacted with the addition of the filtered mouthpiece kit – for both aerosol delivery and exhalation resistance.

No, this is for mouthpiece delivery only. Aerosol masks have openings that would allow emissions to escape into the room even with a filter inline (negating the benefit of adding in a filter).

The Filter Kit is a single patient, disposable device – the mouthpiece is approved for 7 days with single use replacement filters.

No, the filter assembly is a single use device and is a sealed unit-not intended to be taken apart.

Replacement filter assemblies can be ordered separately.

The filtered mouthpiece is 510(k) cleared for use with the AEROECLIPSE® BAN™ Nebulizer, but also has standard ISO fittings in which a variety of filters could be used.  It is important that a replacement filter have the same specifications as the current Monaghan filter at filtering out the viral and bacterial particles to insure similar functionality. Many filters are on the market and may have different efficiency percentages/ratings (or how much particle and the size they can filter).

Saturated filters should be changed out immediately or as soon as possible to insure the same high percentage of viral and bacterial filtering.  Not only could this have the potential to increase the resistance in the system, the filtering capacity is greatly reduced when the filter media becomes wet or has condensate depositing on the surface. Humidity is OK, but if droplets or pools of moisture are forming on either side of the filter media it should be changed out as soon as possible.

Due to the design of this mouthpiece filter kit, it may be difficult to adapt to other nebulizers. However, the attachment point is a standard 22 mm fitting.

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“There’s funny little ways that it’s made a difference. I was coughing so hard and there was so much pressure in my lungs that I had to sleep sitting up. It was hard to go out walking my dog for example because I was so breathless. So I really find the device helps to clear my lungs, I’ve been able to lie down at night so that just in itself it is a very good thing because it’s better rest.”


“It means better health, it means I feel better. It also helps to just clear my airways in everyday situations if I want to go out to a show which can be hard to do when you’re a cougher. I use this a lot before I go to clear my airways so I don’t have to run into that problem when I’m out.”


“The Aerobika* OPEP device has proven to be more easy [sic] to use and monitor. We struggle to get my daughter to perform her chest therapy using the traditional [competitive] device. This has proven to be more effective.”


“I have had chronic cough for 5 years now. After just two uses I slept through the night without coughing several times during the night. I normally had severe long cough spells at least once a week…”