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The AEROECLIPSE® II BAN® Nebulizer is a leading-edge device designed for efficient medication delivery. Perfect for patients with asthma, this breath-actuated nebulizer ensures optimal drug administration.

Let Breathing Take Control

This BAN® Nebulizer helps convert liquid medication into an aerosol so it can be inhaled into the lungs. The device is breath actuated which means aerosol is only produced when you inhale through the device. When you are exhaling or between breaths, it will stop, so you do not waste the medicine. This will help more medication get to your lungs instead of going into the air around you.

How To Use



  1. Carefully place prescribed medication into the nebulizer cup and replace the nebulizer top.
  2. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth then breathe in slowly and deeply and exhale normally through the device until the device makes a ‘sputter’ noise.
  3. Wash your nebulizer according to the package instructions.


These are shortened user instructions. Always review the complete instructions that came with your nebulizer. If you have misplaced them, download a copy here.

How It Works

The AEROECLIPSE® II BAN® Nebulizer Nebulizer produces a high-quality aerosol ONLY when the patient is inhaling. Reducing medication waste and the aerosol particulate that ends up in the room by up to 10 times than that of a continuously run nebulizer.1 This helps minimize exposure to environmental loss for front line healthcare professionals – which has the potential to reduce costs associated with staff acquisition of nosocomial influenza.2

Drug Deposition Using Gamma Scintigraphy3

AeroEclipse Nebulizer

Because aerosol is produced only on inhalation:

  • Aerosol delivery is maximized for more efficient treatments
  • Medication isn’t wasted between breaths or during breaks in treatment
  • There is no wasted cloud of aerosol spilling into the air


1. Nagel et al. RDD 2021.

2. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2014:189;A3035

3. Nagel et al. 2019. Combining Inhalation by BAN with Exhalation through OPEP Device offers the potential for combined therapy. Poster presented at ERS International Congress.

Instructions for Use/Indications for Use

(English and Spanish)

Quick Start Guide Clinicians

Quick Start Guide

(English and Spanish)


A nebulizer is a medical device prescribed by your provider and designed to work with a compressed air source to change liquid medication into a fine mist so it can be inhaled directly into the lungs. You may need nebulizer treatments if you have asthma or lung diseases, such as cystic fibrosis or COPD. If you have questions about the prescribed medication inside the nebulizer, please talk to your healthcare provider.

The AEROECLIPSE® II BAN®   Nebulizer only creates aerosol when you breathe in. This means medication is not wasted between breaths or if you need to take a break (for example if you need to cough or have a conversation). This puts you in control of your aerosol treatment and creates a safer environment. Other nebulizers continuously produce aerosol whether you are inhaling, exhaling or resting. This means your medication may be lost into the room instead of delivered to your lungs. In some cases this can be hazardous to the health of others who may be close to you during the treatments.

Yes, the AEROECLIPSE® II BAN® Nebulizer can nebulize continuously or in the breath actuated mode described above by a simple turn of the dial. This allows for flexibility in therapy while still allowing for a high-quality nebulizer treatment with a lot of medication going deep into the lungs.

The AEROECLIPSE® II BAN® Nebulizer allows your healthcare provider many treatment options that may include fewer or shorter treatment times, less medication put in your nebulizer, or running the AEROECLIPSE® II BAN® Nebulizer continuously. The result is better care that allows you to take your treatment as prescribed.

If you have a question that was not answered here, please contact us.

Clinical Evidence

Significantly more aerosol is delivered to the therapeutically important areas of the lungs when compared to a continuously running nebulizer. Learn more.

Implementation of the AEROECLIPSE® II BAN® Nebulizer in a hospital Emergency Department resulted in an 88% reduction in the cost of sick days by reducing the number of sick days by 60%. Learn more.

When different inspiratory:expiratory ratios were considered, there was significant variance in the Delivered Dose and the Respirable Dose between different brands of non-breath-activated nebulizer. Consideration should be given to revision of the test protocols included in the guidelines, to reflect more accurately the potential therapeutic dose that is delivered to a realistic spectrum of breathing patterns. Learn more.

This Study Summary is designed to identify how the AEROECLIPSE® II BAN® Nebulizer has performed in both in vitro and in vivo studies with various formulations and versus other nebulizers. Learn more.


  1. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2014:189;A3035, CHEST 2014:146(4):519A, and TMI Data on file (600cc, 10BPM, 1:2, Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Solution 833μg/mL). This study used the AEROECLIPSE® Nebulizer not the AEROECLIPSE® II Nebulizer which is currently on the market. The AEROECLIPSE® Nebulizer and AEROECLIPSE® II Nebulizer are equivalent in regards to in vitro performance. Schmidt J, Pevler J, Doyle C, Wiersema K, Nagel M, Mitchell J. Are first and second generation, mechanically-operated breath-actuated nebulizers (BAN) comparable based on in vitro performance? Respiratory Drug Delivery 2006:817-819. Images from Sangwan S, Hull F, Condos R and Smaldone GC. Predicting Lung Deposition with a Cascade Impactor. Journal of Aerosol Medicine 2001;14(3):421.



“I am a die hard Monaghan Medical user. I use the AEROECLIPSE® throughout the hospital in every situation. The patients absolutely love the AEROECLIPSE®. They can feel the effects of the medication almost instantly.”


“When I first started using the AEROECLIPSE®, we had a 9.05 length of stay day. Year after year we have gotten our length of stays down to 3.92. as of last month. There are several of us in the AdventHealth system that are die hard AEROECLIPSE® users.”


“The AEROECLIPSE® BAN neb is the best nebulizer I have ever used as a respiratory therapist and as a severe asthmatic. Hands down, I feel like it has provided me with the ability to be alive at times.”


“We use a couple different products but the one we use the most and that we like the most is the breath actuated neb. We’ve been able to use in our ER, it allows us to give fewer treatments. We usually can get patients out the door faster so they don’t get admitted”