Small Design, Big Results

The AEROCHAMBER MINI™ Holding Chamber is a unique device designed to deliver pressurized Metered Dose Inhaler medication to patients requiring assisted ventilation within a hospital environment. When used in a breathing circuit, it can be easily connected to the endotracheal tube in front of the wye or HME, but must be taken out of the circuit when the aerosol treatment has taken place. Use in conjunction with:

  • Mechanical ventilation circuit
  • Manual resuscitation bag via endotracheal/tracheal tube
  • Standard aerosol resuscitation mask

How It Works

Comprised of an anti-static dual chamber, the patented exhalation channel has a one way valve that preserves aerosol dose and minimizes dead space. The AERODOCK™ canister port accepts standard pMDIs as well as those with integrated dose counters. It is a 110cc ergonomically correct chamber that connects easily to an endotracheal tube in front of a wye or HME in a ventilator circuit. It can be used with a standard aerosol resuscitation mask and is effective for use with low tidal volume patients.

flow path

How To Use

Due to the technical nature of this device, we encourage you to review the instructions for use. 

Instructions for Use/Indications for Use