Rally to Congress

Rally to Congress
Join us Oct. 4–7 in Indianapolis, IN for the Rally to Congress charity motorcycle rally

New this year for AARC Congress 2017 (Oct. 4–7) is Rally to Congress, a charity motorcycle rally sponsored by Draeger, Inc. Motorcyclists will ride from their hometowns to Indianapolis, IN, the AARC Congress 2017 host site. All funds raised through the campaign will benefit the American Respiratory Care Foundation (501c3), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting respiratory health through the support of research, education, and patient-focused philanthropic activities in respiratory care.

Rally to Congress


Get Started:

  • Register and make a donation of $25 in advance by Sept. 28, 2017.
  • Seek sponsorships from friends, family, coworkers and colleagues to help raise funds for the Rally to Congress campaign.

During Your Ride to Congress:

  • Share photos and videos of your ride with the AARC (email fernanda.teixeira@aarc.org). Sending in your photos and videos gives the AARC permission to share them through our media outlets. We appreciate your support and look forward to featuring you on our site!

At Congress:

  • Pick up your commemorative t-shirt (pre-registered riders only) at the Draeger satellite booth.
  • On Congress Day 3 (Oct. 6), from noon–2 p.m., take part in our Harley-Davidson motorcycle photo op located in the Exhibit Hall at the Draeger booth (#401).
  • All preregistered riders will be entered into the $100 Harley-Davidson gift card in drawing held on Friday, Oct. 6.


  • Interested in sponsoring a Rally to Congress participant? Make your donation online. Scroll down to our Rider List for a list of participants.
  • The ARCF will provide a virtual brick on the AARC’s Virtual Museum wall for each sponsorship of $25 or more.

Congress Attendees

  • Want a commemorative t-shirt? A limited number of t-shirts will be available at the Draeger satellite booth for a one-time donation of $5.
  • Take part in the Harley-Davidson motorcycle photo op on Congress Day 3 (Friday, Oct. 6), located in the Exhibit Hall at the Draeger booth (#401), from noon–2 p.m.

Pre-registered Riders

  • Duane Meyers
  • Jeff Plough
  • Matt Raine
  • Karen Schell