STRIVE® Peak Flow Meter

STRIVE® Peak Flow Meter

People with asthma have problems when their airways constrict and tighten decreasing air flow through them. A peak flow meter is a device that measures how fast you can blow air out of your lungs after you take the deepest breath you can. This is called the Peak Expiratory Flow and is measured in Liters Per Minute (L/min). This measurement indicates the condition of your airways. It is important to know your normal reading.

The STRIVE® Peak Flow Meter (PFM) incorporates both a low flow scale (50 L/min to 350 L/min) and a high flow scale (200-800 L/min). Everyone will have their own predicted normal reading based on your age, sex and height.  If you use the STRIVE® PFM every day, you will know when an infection may be starting, even before you feel symptoms.

You may find your predicted peak flow value on the instruction sheet that came with your Strive® PFM.

How It Works

STRIVE® DUAL ZONE PEAK FLOW METER (PFM) provides accurate measurements for patient populations from five years old through adult. With just one device, the STRIVE® DUAL ZONE PFM can accommodate measurements from 50–800 L/min. Designed for individual or multi-patient use, the STRIVE® DUAL ZONE PFM is easy to clean for high-level disinfection and has optional disposable mouthpieces with one-way valves, for clinical applications.

How To Use

  1. Take a deep breath and seal your lips around the mouthpiece
  2. Blow out as hard and fast as possible.
  3. Repeat 3 times, then note your best reading in your Daily Record.

Results recorded in the Daily Record identify changes, trends or patterns in lung function. Using this information at each appointment can show if updates or changes to treatment plans or medication are required – so you can be sure their Asthma Action Plan is working for them.

These are abbreviated instructions for use, please remember to read the complete instructions that are packaged with your device.

Instructions for Use/Indications for Use

 (English and Spanish)


It is generally recommended that peak flow be measured twice a day or as per your recommendation. It will be easiest for patients to remember to record their peak flow reading if it is linked to something they do twice a day – like brushing their teeth.  Performing the peak flow around the same time and in the same position provides a better trend of lung function.

In a hospital or clinic environment, the STRIVE® Peak Flow Meter may be used for multiple patients provided it is used with a disposable one-way valve and is disinfected between patients. The device can be disinfected up to 10 times using either Cidex OPA or Revital Ox Resert. Please download a copy of the product insert for full instructions.

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