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AEROCHAMBER PLUS® FLOW-VU® AVHC with Intermediate Mask


The shape of the intermediate facemask provides a secure seal and comfortable fit on the face. This is a great option for older users with smaller facial features who may have difficulty with a mouthpiece, or who prefer the security and ease of use a mask provides.

This chamber may fix issues when using an inhaler directly in the mouth by holding the medication until you’re ready to breathe it into the lungs.

This chamber works with common metered dose and soft mist inhalers.

All mask chambers deliver the same amount of medication as the mouthpiece chamber.

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Instructions for Use/Indications for Use
Quick Start Guide
Patient Information Leaflet
Reliable, Drug Free, Natural Airway Clearance
Breath actuated delivery

For true on-demand therapy.

Immediate feedback with a visual goal.

Purposely designed to be used together.
When Incentive Spirometry isn’t enough,

adding positive expiratory pressure helps

mobilize secretions and treat atelectasis.

Encourage better patient technique for both therapies.

When PAP or OPEP alone isn’t enough.
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Frequency of use will be determined by the patients’ disease state, their ability and the goal for using the device. There is no one-size fits all answer. Ideally, patients will work up to being able to use the device twice each day for 10-20 minutes each time. Clinical judgement should be used in determining what is right for each patient.

The approved cleaning methods are: soap and water or top rack dishwasher

The approved disinfection methods are: boiling for 5 minutes, 70% isopropyl alcohol soak for 5 minutes, 3% Hydrogen Peroxide soak for 30 minutes, or microwave steam bag (according to manufacturer’s instructions).

We do not recommend use with a mask. In order to maintain a good seal, an unvented mask would need to be used. These types of masks have soft, flexible edges to make it easier to prevent leaks. However, the same properties that make them ideal to create a seal may also impact the effectiveness of the treatment you are giving. The patient would still need to hold the mask and device for the duration of treatment, so we recommend use with a mouthpiece.

The recommended replacement period for the device is 12 months. If prescribed during a hospital stay, the device can be taken home by the patient for continued use. 30-day post-discharge data has shown this can reduce readmissions for COPD exacerbations and post-operative patients by 28% and 39% respectively.

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Clinical Evidence

  • A quick view of the most recent peer-reviewed evidence supporting the chambers. Learn more.
  • An evidence assessment for the integration of the AEROBIKA® OPEP device into the care pathway for COVID-19 patients with airway clearance needs. Watch the video.
  • 28% decrease in readmissions for COPD exacerbations. Learn more.
  • 39% decrease in all-cause rehospitalizations and lower costs for post-operative recovery. Learn more.
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