Optimizing Control of Asthma in Schools

Dr. Michael Bowman, Pediatric Pulmonologist provides insight about optimizing control of asthma in schools.

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About Dr. Michael Bowman

Dr. Bowman is a board-certified Pediatric Pulmonologist, with 40 years of experience caring for children with lung disease. His last 9 years of professional activity centered on asthma. He was an active member of the MUSC Children’s Hospital Asthma Working Group to improve outcomes in childhood asthma between the MUSC emergency room, inpatient wards / PICU and the pulmonary clinic. He also worked closely with residents and other faculty in projects to improve outcomes of children with asthma in the pediatric primary care clinic at MUSC. In addition, Dr. Bowman worked with elementary schools in inner-city Charleston to improve recognition and stability of children with asthma. Before and after retirement, he has given numerous talks about asthma to a variety of professional audiences and is an active participant with the South Carolina Asthma Alliance attempting to improve asthma care for children throughout the state. He is a lead organizer of regional asthma updates seeking to educate and provide continuing education credit for school nurses, doctors, nurse practitioners, RNs, RTs and pharmacists. Furthermore, Dr. Bowman is the Asthma Liaison for the South Carolina Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. These activities demonstrate Dr. Bowman’s experience, passion and broad perspective in working to improve the care of children with asthma. Since his retirement, Dr. Bowman has remained active in the asthma arena locally and nationally, being president of the Association of Asthma Educators (AAE) in 2018. He was chairman of the planning committees for the AAE annual conferences in 2017 and 2018. He has represented AAE in collaboration with multiple other national organizations, including the Allergy and Asthma Network and the American Lung Association. He has been particularly involved in the areas of schools and inclusion of athletic trainers in asthma teams, advocacy and education. He is particularly interested in the control of asthma among the underserved and also among those with impaired health literacy / understanding.

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