New AHA Video Includes Bold Goal

The American Heart Association (AHA) released a new video about their latest campaign to reduce deaths related to cardiac arrest. According to the AHA, 475,000 people die from cardiac arrest in the United States each year. They are challenging everyone to help bring that number to zero.

According to AHA Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Marketing Communications Director Marie Manning, the inspiration for the video came directly from Brian Eigel, Ph.D., AHA ECC senior vice president.

“In 2016, when he assumed the reigns of ECC, Brian challenged the division to create a world where no one dies from cardiac arrest,” Manning said. “This challenge moves ECC team members from Life is Why to more specific messaging on believing in–and being passionate about–bringing a specific ECC-focused vision to life.“

From conception to when it was first shown at the ECC Update, a conference that takes place biannually, the video project took about nine months to produce.

“The bulk of this time was spent on nailing down the vision, on the possibilities of saving every life, showing the future state and getting people on board,” Manning said.

Eileen Censullo, MBA, RRT, FAARC, AARC member and AHA director of science for the ECC, encourages members to help share the AHA message through seeking opportunities to show the video.

“Conferences around the country can play this video to open their regional educational offerings to therapists across the United States this year,” Censullo said. “This video can also be sent out to the department directors to share to their departments and to their hospitals, and have them post to their social media page. Share it to the 50 State Respiratory of Care Presidents, and have them share it to their directors, and have them share it statewide so that all 50 states now have access to what the American Heart Association Emergency Cardiovascular Care Department is committed to each and every day.”