NBRC Video Series: How to Apply for NBRC Examinations

In our third featured NBRC video, Lori Tinkler, MBA, discusses the online tools available through the NBRC website to help in applying for the credential examinations.

“In our efforts to support students as candidates for NBRC credentials, we provide a range of online tools to make the application, scheduling, and testing processes as convenient and easy as possible,” said Tinkler, who is CEO of the NBRC.

She continues to share walk-through examples of scheduling exams as well as tips for preparing for the exams.

“At the NBRC, we are committed to rigorous testing standards that ensure high levels of competency,” Tinkler said. “We are also committed to helping you succeed.”

Learn more about the entire NBRC video series and why the NBRC decided to embark on this project to help respiratory therapists better understand the credentialing process.