NBRC Launches New Job Analysis Survey

Image of a medical professional with a pondering expression

Ever wonder how the NBRC comes up with the questions for the credentialing exams it administers?

The process starts with respiratory therapists just like you who answer questions on surveys about their job.

The Board is currently conducting a new survey aimed at collecting vital information that will help redefine the content and design of the CRT and RRT examinations.

Emails with the survey information were sent to a representative sample of therapists at the end of June. If you received this email, we urge you to complete the two step process:

  • Step 1 – Register for the survey by Aug. 1 to receive your survey link from Survey Monkey (your link will be sent within a couple of days of registration).
  • Step 2 – Using your emailed link, complete the survey by Aug. 7.

Everyone who completes the survey can then register to win one of 40 $100 gift cards.

If you received the NBRC email, please take the time to share your feedback by participating in the survey process. Your responses are confidential, and it’s a chance to influence future examinations linked to the CRT and RRT credentials.

Register for the Survey