Monaghan Medical Corporation signs a Letter of Intent to enter into US sales agreement with Adherium, a global leader in digital respiratory health technologies

PLATTSBURGH, NY – 29 April 2020: Monaghan Medical Corporation today announced it has signed a letter of intent to enter into a sales agreement with Adherium Limited (ASX:ADR), a provider of digital health solutions for remote monitoring and data management. The partnership will combine Monaghan’s knowledge and expertise in improving patient outcomes through innovative respiratory solutions with Adherium’s digital platform that addresses sub-optimal inhaler medication use for patients with chronic disease.

The agreement will see Monaghan launch the Hailie® platform in the US, complementing a recently announced collaboration between Adherium and the disease management group HGE Health, and meshing well with Adherium’s global commercial strategy.

“We are excited to bring this technology to our customers and provide them with a platform to help guide treatment decisions based on real-life data. Monaghan is dedicated to improving the lives of people with respiratory conditions, and our partnership with Adherium will allow us to advance that goal”, says Bill Seitz, Monaghan’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“Our strong customer relationships provide Adherium with a unique opportunity to bring the Hailie® platform to targeted facilities across the US. It will complement our current product offering and provide us with the opportunity to expand into the digital space, while offering clinicians new ways to manage their patients remotely.”

Adherium’s Hailie® platform is a system of remote sensors for inhaled medication devices, mobile apps and a data cloud that empower both patients and healthcare teams. Patients and Physicians can receive reminders and track medication use, which trials have shown improves compliance to their treatment program, reduces asthma exacerbations and improves their quality of life. These insights are more important than ever to clinicians looking to keep their patients well and out of hospital.

“This is a big first step in bringing extended offerings to our current and future customers,” commented Gerald Slemko, CEO of Trudell Medical Limited and President of Monaghan Medical Corporation. “There is a real synergy between the Hailie® platform and the Monaghan portfolio, including our market-leading AeroChamber® brand of Valved Holding Chamber. This as a real opportunity especially for uncontrolled, paediatric and adult patients, initially focused in asthma, where there is a high burden of disease and consumption of healthcare time and costs in secondary/tertiary care.”

Monaghan’s parent company Trudell Medical Limited, is also committed to the partnership, having acquired an ownership interest representing 17% of Adherium’s shares.


For inquiries, please contact:
William Seitz, Vice President Sales and Marketing
Monaghan Medical Corporation
Phone: 816-541-3133


About Monaghan Medical Corporation:
Monaghan Medical Corporation focuses on developing cost-efficient, outcome-based solutions for its customers and continues to introduce new products and new product enhancements to support its mission to ensure device quality for patients. MMC’s strength lies in product development around core capabilities in mechanical design complimented by collaboration with a state-of-the-art Global Aerosol and Research Laboratory. Learn more at 

About Adherium (ASX: ADR):
Adherium is a provider of digital health solutions and a global leader in connected respiratory medical devices, with more than 170,000 sold globally. The company develops, manufacturers and supplies a broad range of connected medical devices for respiratory medications for patients, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and contract research organisations. Adherium’s Hailie® solution is designed to help patients achieve better adherence and provide visibility to physicians, parents and caregivers. It does this by tracking medication use, providing access to usage history to better understand patterns in their asthma and COPD and reminding the user with helpful nudges when it’s time to take doses, when alerts are activated. These tools ultimately enable people who live with asthma or COPD to more easily manage their condition alongside their physician. Learn more at