Join the Respiratory Patient Advocacy Summit at AARC Congress 2016


October 14, 2016 • San Antonio, Texas • 11:45 am – 5:00 pm

Do you have a passion for improving the quality of care and life for your respiratory patients and plan on attending AARC Congress in San Antonio? Then join the movement and come to Congress one-day early to attend the 2nd Annual AARC Respiratory Patient Advocacy Summit meeting — on Friday, October 14, 2016. AARC is inviting all respiratory therapists as well as their patients and caregivers to join this annual meeting to advocate for advancing the quality of care for chronic respiratory patients.

Do you know some patients and caregivers that want to make an impact in advancing respiratory patient care? There’s strength in numbers — respiratory therapists please invite your chronic respiratory patients and caregivers to this event, as well as any fellow advocates and clinicians. The AARC Respiratory Patient Advocacy Summit’s purpose is to build the partnership between chronic respiratory disease patients, advocates, respiratory therapists and physicians — and to provide a strong forum for aligning their common goals and visions towards advancing the quality of care, equipment, and services in health care.

This meeting will showcase lectures from leading respiratory therapists, physicians and advocates — offering clinical insights and possible strategies to tackle the biggest health care challenges and reach future goals. Guests will also participate in moderated roundtable discussions.
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Asthma from Caregiver to Advocacy:
A Patient’s Perspective
Speaker: Tonya Winders – Patient Caregiver
CF and Lung Transplantation:
the Caregiver and the Respiratory Therapists
Speaker: Kimberly & Mark Mangus

COPD Foundation Special Guest:
Billy Dawson, multi-talented country & western singer and entertainer

Moderated Roundtable:
Clinical Outreach for the Respiratory Patient
Brooke Yeager — CF/COPD Telehealth
Krystal Craddock — COPD Case Management
Bill Clark — Community Support – COPD Foundation/COPD360
Trina Limberg — Pulmonary Rehab for Chronic Lung Patients

Lunch and refreshments will be served.