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Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure or OPEP therapy helps stent open and clear blocked airways. On exhalation the device creates a unique oscillation and pressure dynamic to address the structural and functional challenges in the airways. The combination of oscillations and pressure opens the airways and aids in moving mucus into the central airways, where it can be coughed out. The device is drug-free so there are no side effects or drug interactions and it is easy-to-use, so patients are able to transition home with the device.

See The Difference Three Weeks Can Make1


Before Aerobika
Blocked lungs (black areas) before using the Aerobika® OPEP device.


Aerobika After
Unblocked lungs (teal areas) 2 after 3 weeks of using the Aerobika® OPEP device.

Use Alone Or Combined For Customizable Therapy

Tandem Therapy with the VersaPAP® device when OPEP alone isn’t enough

  • Quiet, gentle option for simultaneous lung expansion and airway clearance therapy
  • Optimizes the functionality of each device
  • Enabling patients to take a larger breath in (Positive Airway Pressure)
  • Longer pressure oscillation dynamic on exhalation (Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure)

Manometer adapter for immediate feedback with a visual goal.

  • Easily monitor expiratory pressures to teach proper exhalation technique
  • Engages the patient to the therapeutic goals to maximize treatment effectiveness

Combination Aerosol Therapy with the AEROECLIPSE® II Nebulizer

  • Flow path designed for aerosol delivery equal to the nebulizer alone.

Manometer adapter with the AEROECLIPSE® II Nebulizer

  • Easily visible, green feedback button confirms aerosol generation and encourages long, slow inhalation
  • On exhalation target the desired pressure range to optimize airway clearance

1. Svenningsen S. et al. COPD 2016;13(1):66 – 74.

Clinical Resources

Contact your Territory Manager today for a copy of our full Clinical Study Summary for the AEROBIKA® OPEP Device.

Here is how much you could be saving

In peer-reviewed published studies, the AEROBIKA® Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) Device has been shown to support cost savings in both COPD Exacerbation and Post-Operative Recovery in a hospital setting. Use the calculator to estimate the cost savings your facility could achieve by implementing the AEROBIKA® OPEP Device to your existing standard of care.

How does the Aerobika® OPEP Device work?

close lips
Step 1 CLOSE LIPS around mouthpiece
Step 2 INHALE and HOLD for 2-3 seconds
Step 3 EXHALE – slowly but firmly
Step 4 REPEAT as directed

These are shortened user instructions. Always review the complete instructions that came with your device. If you have misplaced them, download a copy here.

Instructions for the AEROBIKA® OPEP Device (English/Spanish)

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should the device be used?

Frequency of use will be determined by the patients’ disease state, their ability and the goal for using the device. There is no one-size fits all answer. Ideally, patients will work up to being able to use the device twice each day for 10-20 minutes each time. Clinical judgement should be used in determine what is right for each patient.

What are the approved methods for cleaning and high-level disinfection?

The approved cleaning methods are: soap and water or top rack dishwasher

The approved disinfection methods are: boiling for 5 minutes, 70% isopropyl alcohol soak for 5 minutes, 3% Hydrogen Peroxide soak for 30 minutes, or microwave steam bag (according to manufacturer’s instructions).

Can the AEROBIKA® OPEP Device be used with a mask?

We do not recommend use with a mask. In order to maintain a good seal, an unvented mask would need to be used. These types of masks have soft, flexible edges to make it easier to prevent leaks. However, the same properties that make them ideal to create a seal may also impact the effectiveness of the treatment you are giving. The patient would still need to hold the mask and device for the duration of treatment, so we recommend use with a mouthpiece.

How long can the AEROBIKA® OPEP Device be used?

The recommended replacement period for the device is 12 months. If prescribed during a hospital stay, the device can be taken home by the patient for continued use. 30-day post-discharge data has shown this can reduce readmissions for COPD exacerbations and post-operative patients by 28% and 39% respectively. (Burudpakdee 2017, Burudpakdee 2018)

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VersaPAP® device
VersaPAP® device
AeroEclipse II BAN
AeroEclipse® II Breath Actuated Nebulizer (BAN)