ZDoggMD to be Congress 2018 Keynote Speaker

Zubin Damania, MD, aka ZDoggMD, will kick off the AARC Congress 2018 experience with song, humor, and creative storytelling in his “Healthcare Remixed” talk. He plans to examine the challenges of delivering compassionate care and how medical professionals might work individually and collectively to ensure that the future of medicine is a bright one.

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“Dr. Damania—ZDoggMD—uses his unique personality and perspective to explore the challenging issues respiratory therapists face each day,” said AARC Executive Director/CEO Thomas Kallstrom, RRT, MBA, FAARC, AARC. “Through his fun and imaginative style, Dr. Damania will help our Congress attendees lay a path to forge through these daily challenges to provide the best in patient care.”

About ZDoggMD

image of Dr. Zubin Damania
Dr. Zubin Damania

Dr. Damania is an internist and founder of Turntable Health, an innovative primary care clinic developed in partnership with Zappos.com CEO Tony Hsieh in Las Vegas.

During his decade-long career as a hospitalist at Stanford, Dr. Damania began a shadow career under the pseudonym ZDoggMD performing stand-up comedy. This included creating parody videos for medical audiences worldwide.

Later, he founded ZDoggMD Industries, the digital production studio behind the internet medical news and entertainment show, Incident Report LIVE. Reaching millions of viewers weekly, Dr. Damania leads a tribe of health care professionals toward a vision of Health 3.0, with in-depth interviews of medical thought leaders mixed with satire and humorous takedowns of popular pseudoscience. His videos and live shows have gone epidemically viral with over half a billion views on Facebook and YouTube.

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AARC CONGRESS KEYNOTE SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT! ZDoggMd, aka Dr. Zubin Damania, is lined up as the Keynote Speaker at the Congress 2018. Register today to catch his keynote address “Healthcare Remixed.” http://bit.ly/2u15lgl