SPOTY Spotlight: Ryan Stiles

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This month in our Specialty Practitioner of the Year (SPOTY) Spotlight series, we’re learning more about our Long Term Care SPOTY: Ryan Stiles, BSRT, RRT.

A passion for patient care

Long Term Care SPOTY Ryan Stiles
Ryan Stiles, BSRT, RRT was named 2017 Specialty Practitioner of the Year for the Long Term Care Specialty Section.

“I have always had a passion for the post-acute field,” Stiles said, who began his career working at a long term acute care hospital.

“I loved working with patients to liberate them from mechanical ventilation and tracheostomy tubes,” Stiles said. “I found my true calling when I transitioned into the post-acute space in the skilled nursing world many years ago.”

Stiles explained that he loves the opportunity the long term care setting offers to invest time into patient care.

“Technology has advanced so much in the past several years that the long term care setting no longer limits the types of care which can be provided,” Stiles said. “I strongly believe that respiratory therapists truly have the opportunity to direct the outcomes in the long term care setting as much as any other, if not more.”

Stiles currently serves as the vice president for Encore Healthcare where he is helping to develop software for both the post-acute care setting and home care setting. The cloud based software allows the respiratory therapist to stratify the risk for the patient, customize a care plan, and direct the appropriate care to the patient thereafter.

“The software is unlike anything else and provides an unrivaled comprehensive approach to patient care, Stiles said. “I am very excited for the software to be implemented as a core piece to the respiratory care practice.”

Value of AARC membership

“I have been able to connect with so many incredible respiratory therapists through the AARC,” Stiles said. “I have definitely benefited from the networking, but I have also greatly benefited from all of the resources provided through the AARC.”

Being part of the Long Term Care Specialty Section enhances his AARC membership.

“Mentors are shortcuts,” Stiles said. “There are so many wonderful people who have paved the way for us in the long term care world. I have been able to communicate with some of the great minds in this specialty, and I will continue to learn as much as I can from them.”

For new members interested in enhancing their membership in the AARC, Stiles suggests getting involved is key.

“For a few years, I was more of a spectator with regard to the AARC,” Stiles said. “Become an active participant in a specialty section. Take part in an online discussion. There are so many great therapists who have so much to share!”

A grateful heart

When thinking about being named the Long Term Section’s Specialty Practitioner of the Year, Stiles said, “The achievement is a culmination of recognition for the passion I’ve demonstrated in the field: passion reveals purpose.”

Through this achievement, Stiles looks forward to continued growth and learning as a respiratory therapist.

“I am proud to be a part of such an amazing, creative, and caring group of clinicians,” Stiles said. “I am proud of all the respiratory therapists who practice people care–as I call it. We treat individuals as people, not as patients. I feel like respiratory therapists have such an awesome opportunity to impact a person’s outcome in so many different ways, and I am very proud to be part of this community.”

For 2017, eight specialty sections in the AARC each selected one member to be named Specialty Practitioner of the Year (SPOTY) for their section. Criteria for this award included the nominee’s professional service, leadership, as well as whether the individual has furthered the art of science of respiratory care through outstanding contribution to, or service in, a specialty area of practice. We will feature each of our SPOTY members throughout the year in a special SPOTY Spotlight.