Special COPD Broadcast

koppel, ted and grace anne dorney
Veteran journalist Ted Koppel with wife Grace Anne Dorney Koppel.

To help further awareness of COPD, CBS will air a special segment on Sunday, Nov. 26, 9 a.m. EST as part of its CBS Sunday Morning series. The broadcast is hosted by veteran journalist Ted Koppel, who has a unique tie to this topic as his wife Grace Anne Dorney Koppel was diagnosed with COPD in 2001.

Dorney-Koppel, who recently spoke at the AARC’s National Respiratory Patient Advocacy Summit in October, dedicates her time to raising awareness of the disease, increasing research, and improving treatment of the disease.

“Since COPD is rarely featured in major broadcast media, this is an opportunity in COPD Awareness Month to reach 6 million viewers and educate them about COPD; educate viewers about our need for research dollars if we hope to have better treatments; educate viewers about our need for access to better treatments, particularly pulmonary rehabilitation,” said Dorney-Koppel, in a COPD Foundation release.

According to the COPD Foundation release, Dorney-Koppel explained that her husband wanted to do this story because he has seen first-hand the burden the disease places on those who suffer from it and their loved ones.

“We both believe that empowering patients and educating the public is vital,” Dorney-Koppel said in the release. She further explained that this empowerment and education is key to getting support for the COPD National Action Plan in the COPD community, in the public at large, and in the halls of our elected officials. “This is also an opportunity to reach millions of viewers and introduce them to Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease and the COPD National Action Plan.”

Check your local listings or visit the CBS “Sunday Morning Show” Times page  to learn when and where to tune in on Nov. 26.

November 20, 2017 Interview with Ted and Grace Anne Koppel