The Break is Over and You’re Ready to Get Back to Work

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Maybe you took a break for family purposes. Or perhaps, you wanted to further your education. Or you moved away and needed to pause your career. Or maybe you just needed a break. Whatever the reason, you are now ready to get back to work.

Now what?

This question was posed to your AARC colleagues, and here is what they had to say.

Show Recent Clinical/Classroom Time

Jeffrey A. Davis, BS, RRT of Los Angeles, CA is a hiring manager and would ask anyone thinking about re-entering the workforce what have they done to get themselves to the level of a new graduate.

The respiratory care field continues to grow and change, thus emphasizing the need for any applicant to have recent clinical and/or classroom time. Davis also suggests that, to help acquire this skill time, there may be RT programs willing to provide some differential training and practical experience for individuals looking to freshen their skills.

Update Your Resume

“First and foremost, have an expert look at your resume,” said Sharon Armstead, MBA, RRT of San Marcos, TX. “The expert does not have to be a resume expert, but maybe someone who does the hiring for the RT profession.”

Armstead explains that your resume is your primary selling tool, and it shouldn’t be neglected.

“The resume gets you in the door,” Armstead said.

Joe G. Dwan, RRT, ACCS, FAARC of Beavercreek, OR suggests analyzing the skills you developed in the years when you were not a RT and promote those skills also.

“Be prepared to answer why you left the field and why you didn’t return earlier,” he said.

Take a Refresher Course

“If you haven’t done so already, I would suggest that you take a refresher course,” said Susan Rinaldo Gallo, MEd, RRT, FAARC,CTTS of Durham, NC. (Check out AARC U, our online learning site!)

Gallo also advises, as another way to freshen your skills, is to seek out an opportunity to be a volunteer RT. As a volunteer, you can observe and perhaps perform procedures under direct supervision, similar to a student.

Retake Your NBRC Exams

Dwan also pointed out the importance of retaking your NBRC exams, which will may be required if you need to renew your license.

“The NBRC exams are competency exams and a way to prove you still have the knowledge and skills to practice respiratory therapy,” Dwan said.

Get Involved

“Another avenue is to attend your state Society meetings and volunteer,” Dwan said. “The board members are usually hiring managers and would give you insight into the marketplace and possibly a job.”

Other ways to get involved include going to conferences and asking questions. (Register for Congress 2017!)