Board Announces Updates to AARC Fellowship Program

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Every year select members of the respiratory care profession are honored with the Fellow of the American Respiratory Care Profession, or “FAARC.” Bestowed at the AARC Congress in the fall, this designation recognizes outstanding contributions to the profession in areas ranging from education to research to clinical practice and more.

The AARC Board of Directors recently announced several changes to the rules governing the Fellowship Program, including –

  • FAARC candidates must be AARC members in good standing.
  • FAARC candidates must be licensed within their state of employment.
  • First term members of the AARC Board of Directors or officers of the House of Delegates are not eligible.
  • FAARC candidates must be nominated by at least two AARC members, one of whom must be a current FAARC.
  • The deadline for nominating a member for FAARC status may be based on the dates of the AARC Congress for the year in question.
  • The Fellowship Selection Committee will consist of a chair and up to six current FAARCs.
  • Completed ballots will be returned to the chair anonymously for final tabulation.
  • Committee members will not collaborate with anyone during the selection process.

An Addendum has also been added to the document, noting that the “profound and sustained contributions” required for FAARC designation may include, but are not limited to –

  • Specific evidence of outstanding contributions to the improvement of respiratory care at the national or international level or illustration of how regional impact demonstrates potential for national application.
  • Evidence includes but is not limited to documentation of the following: consistent outstanding contributions over time; contributions with significant, measurable impact; dissemination of important information about the contributions; substantive honors, awards, and recognition by AARC or affiliates; adoption of research findings and/or innovations that guide changes in education, research, administration, policy, or respiratory care practice.

AARC Fellowship Program