AeroChamber mini™ HC

Small Design, Big Results

The AeroChamber mini™ Holding Chamber (HC) is a unique device designed to deliver pMDI aerosols to patients in conjunction with:

  • mechanical ventilation
  • manual resuscitation bag
  • standard aerosol resuscitation mask

Anti-Static Chamber

The AeroChamber mini™ HC features an anti-static, dual chamber design. In addition, the innovative exhalation channel minimizes dead space for the low tidal volume patient and maintains optimum aerosol dose.


Designed with the Patient in Mind


The AeroDock™ canister port makes the AeroChamber mini™ HC capable of accepting standard pMDIs and those with integrated dose counters. The MDI counter will activate with this feature.


Effective Treatment


The AeroChamber mini™ HC is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. It can be easily connected to the endotracheal tube in front of a wye or HME in a ventilator circuit, and will maintain positive end expiratory pressure while in the circuit. It can be used with a standard aerosol resuscitation mask and is very effective for use with low tidal volume patients.