The Aerobika® OPEP device is a hand held device that uses Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure or OPEP to help clear secretions from your airways. People who have chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, COPD and cystic fibrosis often produce an excessive amount of mucus.

As you exhale through the Aerobika® OPEP device, you will feel vibrations or “pulses” that are loosening the mucus from the walls of your lungs, making it easier for you to cough up the secretions. There is a valve inside the Aerobika® OPEP device that switches quickly between higher and lower resistance creating positive pressure inside your airways. The degree of resistance can be changed depending on your comfort level.

Positive pressure will hold the airways open. Think of how you feel when you blow up a balloon. It is the positive pressure that holds the balloon open. Inside your lungs, the positive pressure opens up small airways that may be blocked by mucus.

1. Before use carefully examine the device. Replace immediately if any defect is noticed.  Always ensure the Resistance Indicator is positioned as prescribed by your healthcare professional.  Gently press the two halves together to make sure the Attachment Tabs are engaged.

2. Although the Aerobika® OPEP is orientation independent, it is recommended that treatments be done in a comfortably seated position.

3. Put the mouthpiece in mouth and close lips around it to ensure an effective seal.  Make sure your hand does not block the exhalation path on the back of the device.

4. Inhale through the device taking a deeper breath than normal, but do no totally fill your lungs.  Hold your breath for 2-3 seconds before exhaling.

5. Exhale actively, but not forcefully, through the device. Ideally, exhalation should last 3-4 times longer than it took you to breathe in.  Keep your cheeks flat and firm to maximize treatment effectiveness.  Ensure you maintain a good seal on the mouthpiece for the duration of your treatment.

6. Continue taking deep breaths and long exhalations for 10-20 breaths, or as instructed by your healthcare professional. After at least 10 breaths, perform 2-3 ‘huff’ coughs to clear your airways.  Your healthcare professional will instruct you on the proper technique.  For maximum efficacy, try to suppress coughing until the end of your treatment.

7. Repeat steps 3-6 for 10-20 minutes or as prescribed by your healthcare professional.  The entire procedure should be performed at least twice a day on a regular basis, and increased to 3-4 times per day if you are producing a lot of mucus.

8. The goal is to keep your lungs clear and ventilatory capacity up.  Continue to use your treatments on a regular basis even if you are bringing up just a little mucus.

Caution – if you feel dizzy or lightheaded, or have any other discomfort during treatment, discontinue therapy and contact your physician or healthcare provider.

These are abbreviated instructions for use, please remember to read the complete instructions that are packaged with your Aerobika® OPEP Therapy System.

Press tabs to release.
Remove valve cartridge and mouthpiece.
Soak 15 minutes in soapy water, agitate gently and rinse.
Shake out water and dry vertically or place in dishwasher in basket on top rack after performing cleaning instructions 1 and 2.
Dishwasher instructions can be found with the complete instructions packaged with your Aerobika® OPEP Therapy System.
Reassemble device.

The Aerobika® OPEP device will disassemble into four parts for cleaning: the mouthpiece, top case, bottom case and valve cartridge.  The device may be cleaned after each treatment.


1. Press the Attachment tabs on either side of the device.  Holding the tabs in, gently pull up on the case until the two parts separate.

2. Remove the valve cartridge. DO NOT disassemble any part of the cartridge.

These are abbreviated instructions for use, please remember to read the complete instructions that are packaged with your Aerobika® OPEP Therapy System.