At Monaghan we are proud to be the industry leaders in designing and manufacturing the highest quality aerosol drug delivery and lung health devices for the management of respiratory conditions.
See what our clinicians and patients are saying about our products…

“I have now been using the Aerobika® OPEP, the AeroEclipse II® BAN and the Ombra® compressor for a little over a year now and the results I have seen are almost dream worthy. I have never really known what it’s like to actually breathe close to a “normal” non CF patient. “

John O. 
CF Patient
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

“I can breathe deeper because it makes me use parts of my lungs that I have never had to use. “

Brad J.
Mendenhall, MS

“I think the thing I’ve noticed most is after I do my inhaled medications at night I have no rattling in my lungs when I go to bed. “

Tammy B.
Folsom, CA