People with asthma have problems when their airways constrict and tighten decreasing air flow through them. The small slim device is designed to fit in your pocket ready to go anywhere.

A peak flow meter is a device that measures how fast you can blow air out of your lungs after you take the deepest breath you can. This is called the Peak Expiratory Flow and is measured in Liters Per Minute (L-min). Strive® PFM measures peak flows from 50-800 L-min and has a low flow scale from 50 L-min to 350 L-min and a high flow scale 200-800 L-min a dual zone peak flow meters within the same device. This measurement indicates the condition of your airways. It is important to know your normal reading. If you use the Strive® PFM every day, you will know when an infection may be starting, even before you feel symptoms.

Everyone will have their own predicted normal reading based on your age, sex and height. Say you are a 30 year old woman who is 65 inches tall. A woman without asthma should have a peak flow reading of approximately 450 L-min.

You may find your predicted peak flow value on the instruction sheet that came with your Strive® PFM.

Strive® DUAL ZONE Peak Flow Meter Reset the flow indicator by gently sliding it to bottom of the scale until it stops. Hold Strive® PFM with your right hand by the grooved handle, ensuring the flow indicator is not obstructed.Stand or sit up as straight as possible, while still being comfortable.Take as deep a breath as possible. Do not inhale through the device.Put the Strive® PFM mouthpiece into your mouth, make sure you keep your lips tightly sealed around the mouthpiece. Blow out as hard and as fast as possible. Repeat steps 2 through 5 as many times as instructed by your physician or health care professional.The daily record covers 35 days. Write your name on the line provided, start with today’s date, enter dates of next 35 days across the top of the record in spaces provided.Under each date is a graph for charting PEF up to three times a day. Begin entering results in your Daily Record in the left hand column of the chart. Subsequent results are entered to right.Once the red flow indicator comes to rest at your final PEF, make an “X” to record the measurement number under the appropriate Date and Time heading.Please refer to the Strive® PFM package insert for complete instructions and care.CLEANING Designed for one year of use in the home, clinic or hospital environmentApproved for the top shelf dishwasher cycle and high level disinfectant such as Cidex†

The Strive® PFM is very simple to use.

Stand when you take your peak flow reading to allow for the best results. Be sure to reset the red indicator on the peak flow meter to the lowest position on the scale.

You should do three blows and take the best of the three – they should all be just about the same. Your readings depend on your effort, so blow out as hard and fast as you can and be sure to keep your lips sealed around the mouthpiece. It shouldn’t be a long exhalation – short and fast!

You want to find your “Personal Best” peak flow reading. Take your readings for 2-3 weeks when you do not have a respiratory infection or other circumstances that may not make it a normal time for you. Take the readings in the morning and night and after you have taken your inhalers.

This peak flow meter can be used with disposable mouthpieces when testing more than one person. It is suitable for those age five years and older and measures from 50-800 L-min.

These are abbreviated instructions for use, please remember to read the complete instructions that are packaged with your device.

Clean once a week. Wash the PFM by moving gently through warm, mild, soapy water.
Rinse gently and thoroughly and allow it to air dry before your next reading. Do not try to clean the inside with a brush.
Dishwasher safe, follow care and use instructions included with the Strive® PFM .

Your Strive® PFM need only be cleaned once a week by moving it gently through warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and let completely air dry. Don’t clean the inside with a brush or place it in boiling water. You may put it vertically on the top rack of your dishwasher.

These are abbreviated instructions for use, please remember to read the complete instructions that are packaged with your device.

Strive® PFM Sell Sheet (English) First Page
Strive® PFM Sell Sheet (English)
Strive® PFM Sell Sheet (Spanish)