Aerosol Drug Delivery

Monaghan is the leader in aerosol delivery with our unique line of AeroChamber® VHCs and our AeroEclipse® breath actuated nebulizer. Our products are recognized as the best in the industry and have been proven to be more effective for your patients and more cost effective for institutions. Find out more about our aerosol drug delivery products.


The AeroEclipse® II Breath Actuated Nebulizer (BAN) Provides Breath Actuated Delivery for Patient-Centric Nebulizer Treatments

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The product lines in the AeroChamber® Valved Holding Chamber (VHC) family of products share these same innovative features:

  • FLOWSIGnal® Whistle to tell you if you’re breathing in too fast.
  • ComfortSeal® Mask made of soft, flexible silicone. It fits snuggly to the face to ensure a close, comfortable fit that promotes proper drug delivery.
  • Flow Dynamic Valve and Baffle System helps in making sure only the right sized particles make it through the chamber and into your lungs.  It’s also a one-way valve so you can only inhale medication out of your chamber – not exhale into it.
  • Reinforced Universal pMDI Adapter allows for your VHC to fit commonly prescribed inhalers.
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