AeroEclipse® XL Nebulizer and Ombra® Compressor

A nebulizer treatment – or breathing treatment – will deliver medication to your lungs in a mist. Your physician may order your medication to be given with a nebulizer instead of by a metered dose inhaler.

A compressor powers the AeroEclipse® nebulizers, the most effective aerosol delivery system available.

BAN stands for Breath Activated Nebulizer meaning the nebulizer turns on when you take a breath in. When you are exhaling, the mist will stop. This method will make more medication directly available to your lungs as opposed to the air around you. The mist particles that are produced by the AeroEclipse® XL Nebulizer are the right size to be deposited in your airways. If particles are too large, they will drop in your throat; too small and you will exhale them right back out.

Conventional nebulizers deliver a continuous mist only. The AeroEclipse® XL Nebulizer gives you the option to do either. It can be used with a mouthpiece or mask.

The sturdy AeroEclipse® XL Nebulizer is designed for six months of home use. It may be cleaned on the top shelf of your dishwasher or disinfected with vinegar or by boiling. The AeroEclipse® XL Nebulizer paired with Monaghan’s Ombra® compressor system will give you an extremely effective method to stay in control of your lung disease.

Before you start, remember to wash your hands. It is important not to introduce germs that you can breathe in and to keep your equipment clean.

Put the mouthpiece into the side opening of the nebulizer with the valve facing down.

Unscrew and remove the top of the nebulizer and place the prescribed medication into the cup. Replace the top and gently tighten.

Attach one end of the tubing to the fitting on the bottom of the nebulizer and the other end to your compressor and turn it on.

Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and inhale slowly and deeply. You will see the green button on the top of the AeroEclipse® XL Nebulizer go down and the mist will be produced. If you are unable to trigger the valve that starts the mist, you may push the green button down with your finger while you are inhaling and let go to exhale.

When you exhale, the green button will rise and the mist will stop. You will be exhaling through the valve underneath the mouthpiece. Be careful not to place your lips over this valve, as it will not work properly.

If the medication begins to sputter, you may stop the treatment. Many people find the AeroEclipse® XL Nebulizer is so effective in delivering medication to your lungs, treatment times can be shortened compared with standard nebulizers.

If there is a time when you would rather have a continuous mist, simply move the mode switch clockwise.

A mask with elbow adapter can be used instead of a mouthpiece if desired. Use the continuous flow mode when the mask is used.

These are abbreviated instructions for use, please remember to read the complete instructions that are packaged with your device.

Clean your AeroEclipse® XL Nebulizer after each use and disinfect it as least once every other treatment day. Allow parts to dry thoroughly before reassembling, and store all parts together in a dry, dust-free place.

These are abbreviated instructions for use, please remember to read the complete instructions that are packaged with your device.