Breath Actuation accounts for breathing differences

Patients breathe with different tidal volumes and frequencies. The medication prescribed helps control their disease, but if their nebulizer is delivering aerosol continuously, up to two-thirds can be lost between breaths and during active exhalations, potentially leading to uncontrolled disease states or the need for additional therapy. Using breath actuation guarantees a consistent and reliable dose regardless of their breath rates and volumes.

Respirable Dose Graph

The AEROECLIPSE® II Nebulizer produces a high-quality aerosol ONLY when the patient is inhaling. Reducing medication waste and the aerosol particulate that ends up in the room by 3-4 times than that of a continuously run nebulizer. This helps minimize exposure to environmental loss for front line healthcare professionals – which has the potential to reduce costs associated with staff acquisition of nosocomial influenza.*

Let Breathing Take Control

Drug Deposition Comparison

Because aerosol is produced only on inhalation:

  • Aerosol delivery is maximized for more efficient treatments;
  • Medication isn’t wasted between breaths or during breaks in treatment;
  • There is no wasted cloud of aerosol spilling into the air.
*Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2014:189;A3035, CHEST 2014:146(4):519A, and TMI Data on file (600cc, 10BPM, 1:2, Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Solution 833μg/mL). This study used the AEROECLIPSE® Nebulizer not the AEROECLIPSE® II Nebulizer which is currently on the market. The AEROECLIPSE® Nebulizer and AEROECLIPSE® II Nebulizer are equivalent in regards to in vitro performance. Schmidt J, Pevler J, Doyle C, Wiersema K, Nagel M, Mitchell J. Are first and second generation, mechanically-operated breath-actuated nebulizers (BAN) comparable based on in vitro performance? Respiratory Drug Delivery 2006:817-819. Images from Sangwan S, Hull F, Condos R and Smaldone GC. Predicting Lung Deposition with a Cascade Impactor. Journal of Aerosol Medicine 2001;14(3):421.

Not all nebulizers are created equal.  For dose assurance and safer environments for your frontline staff, chose AEROECLIPSE® II Nebulizer.

Comparative Scintigraphic Assessment of Deposition of Radiolabeled Albuterol Delivered from a Breath Actuated Nebulizer and a Small Volume Jet Nebulizer to Healthy Subjects

Significantly more aerosol is delivered to the therapeutically important areas of the lungs when compared to a continuously running nebulizer. Learn more.

Implementation of AEROECLIPSE® II Nebulizer based therapy has the potential to reduce costs associated with staff acquisition of nosocomial influenza

Implementation of the AEROECLIPSE® II Nebulizer in a hospital Emergency Department resulted in an 88% reduction in the cost of sick days by reducing the number of sick days by 60%. Learn more.

Breath actuation accounts for breathing differences between patients and what they receive can be dramatically different depending on the nebulizer you use.

  • With the AEROECLIPSE® II Nebulizer, a more consistent dose was delivered across a range of I:E ratios reflecting a greatly reduced loss of medication versus common breath enhanced nebulizers. Learn More

We know efficiency is top of mind and our team is here to help you improve clinical processes and patient outcomes. Contact your Territory Manager today for a copy of our full Clinical Study Summary for the AEROECLIPSE® II Nebulizer.

How to Use the AEROECLIPSE® II Nebulizer

Step 1  Carefully place prescribed medication into the nebulizer cup and replace the nebulizer top.

Step 2 Place the mouthpiece in your mouth then breathe in slowly and deeply and exhale normally through the device until the device makes a ‘sputter’ noise.

Step 3 Wash your nebulizer according to the package instructions.

These are shortened user instructions. Always review the complete instructions that came with your nebulizer. If you have misplaced them, download a copy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the flow required before aerosol starts being produced?

The AEROECLIPSE® II Nebulizer requires 12 L/min of flow before it begins producing aerosol. This will not be hard for most patients to achieve and is similar to the effort required to drink water through a wide straw. Alternatively, the green feedback button on the top can be pressed to initiate aerosol production or the device can be switched to continuous mode.

What medications can be used with the AEROECLIPSE® II Nebulizer?

The AEROECLIPSE® II Nebulizer may be used with any prescribed medication intended to be used in a nebulizer – excluding Pentamidine.

Why is mask use discouraged in breath actuated mode?

We recommend the device be switched to continuous mode with an aerosol mask because ambient air can enter around the edges or open vents of the mask making it difficult to initiate aerosol production. Although sometimes necessary, aerosol masks may reduce the amount of medication that can reach the receptors in the lungs to ensure an effective aerosol treatment. If your patient is able to hold and talk on a cell phone or feed themselves, perhaps consider using a mouthpiece for their treatment.

The 2017 ERS Technical Standard recommends use of Delivered Dose for Methacholine Challenge Testing. How do we integrate the AEROECLIPSE® II Nebulizer into our new protocol?

This is a BIG question. We have many tools available to help answer your questions, but we recommend you contact your Territory Manager for assistance. Find yours here.

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