AeroEclipse® II Breath Actuated Nebulizer (BAN)

AE II  in-use Adult Man

Fast, Assured Delivery

The AeroEclipse® II BAN produces aerosol only when you breath in.  As a result it gets small particles of medication deep in your lungs.

Faster Delivery of Medications to the Right Place!

The AeroEclipse® II BAN gets medication quickly into your lungs.  Now you will get all the medication you need to help you feel better - only you'll feel better faster!

How can the AeroEclipse® II BAN Change Your Treatments?

The AeroEclipse® II BAN allows your health care provider many treatment options that can include shorter treatment times, less medication put in your nebulizer or running the AeroEclipse® II BAN continuously.  The result is better care that allows you to take your treatment in less time.

Of course it's from Monaghan™.