AeroChamber Plus® Z STAT® anti-static Valved Holding Chamber (aVHC)

More Time to Breathe Easy

Inspiration pure and simple!

FLOWSIGnal® Whistle

The FLOWSIGnal® Whistle alerts patients of improper technique when they inhale too quickly.

Anti-Static Polymer Chamber

The anti-static polymer chamber minimizes static charge which maximizes performance with pMDI formulations. The AeroChamber Plus® Z STAT® aVHC features anti-static properties and a see through chamber allowing patients and/or caregivers to visualize the medication dose in the chamber.

ComfortSeal® Mask

For AeroChamber Plus® Z STAT® aVHC with mask, superior fit is snug with secure seal, limiting entrainment of ambient air and maximizing drug delivery even at low inspiratory flows.2

Of course it's from Monaghan™.

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